Monday, October 14, 2013


On Friday night, Dulcie came with us to gatecrash her Granma and Grampa's 50th wedding anniversary.  They weren't having an official party, but their anniversary happened to coincide with the monthly Frank Sinatra night that they run, so Graham's sister Laura (a.k.a. Auntie Dee Dee) and the three of us turned up to surprise them.  Of course, it turned out that children weren't allowed in the venue (aaargh!) but they decided to let Dulcie stay until 10pm as long as she was discretely hidden at all times.  Dulcie was pretty disappointed not to be allowed on the dance floor (she was desperate to join in with the dancing) but had a good time nonetheless, getting a big slice of cake and even winning a bottle of wine in the raffle.  Her Granma and Grampa were very glad she came and Dulcie enjoyed hanging out with her Auntie Dee Dee over the weekend, especially since she brought her a copy of The Singing Mermaid as a present!  See, there are benefits to relatives reading your blog after all!

I suppose Dulcie doesn't get to go to many family events (and I'm not seeing many weddings on the horizon...) so this was a rare treat for her.  Being out in the dark and travelling in a taxi were also rare treats.  "Dark!  Dark!  Car seat!"  The wee poppet fell asleep in the taxi home and was transferred to her cot in all her party clothes, where she slept half the night.  Gawd bless 'er!

And doesn't she look like her dad?  He just needs to pop his finger in his mouth and they'd be identical in that photo.

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