Wednesday, October 9, 2013

just beat it!

On Saturday evening, refusing to go to bed, Dulcie heard her dad shaking bed sheets through the baby monitor and mistook the noise for a dragon flapping its wings.  She was quite frightened and ran over, wrapping all four limbs tightly round me.  When I told Graham what had happened, he said he would go to the bedroom and chase the dragon away, not realising Dulcie thought the dragon was behind the shelves where the baby monitor sat, so when she heard Graham's voice telling the dragon to beat it through the monitor, she thought there was a random man in the flat now too.  Oh dear...  She spent all weekend talking about the dragon and how she got a big fright and the man told the dragon to beat it.  We told her she didn't need to be scared of dragons because she could just tell the dragon to beat it and it would fly away.  Seeing this video now, I'm not so sure encouraging her to say "Beat it" was such a good idea, but I'm loving the fact she's starting to get a wee imagination of her own.

I don't really know where Dulcie's sudden interest in dragons has come from.  As far as I'm aware, the only dragons she's seen are the one that makes a fairly brief appearance in Room On The Broom and the one in her colouring book.  Since hearing this dragon, though, she's got quite into Puff The Magic Dragon and we've been listening to it and singing it a lot.  I'm quite happy about this as I do love that song.  If only I didn't have to cry every time I heard it.  "Dragons live for ever, but not so little boys..."  Waaah!


  1. I can't listen to Puff the Magic Dragon without crying either or Feed The Birds from Mary Poppins. They have a habit of playing Feed The Birds on Elaine Page's show on Radio 2 and I have to leave the room if it comes on! And I'm 35!!

    1. I think it just gets worse as you get older :(


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