Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I've admired this little make-your-own set by Alicia Paulson over the last few winters.  I know seeing these decorations on my Christmas tree would make me so happy.  They are a bit on the pricey side for me though (around £19 before postage) in a time when I am trying not to spend any money on fripperies and fancies and lord knows I wouldn't get round to making them until Boxing Day or some time in February or July.  I'm still sorely tempted though.  They really are most adorable and the thought of pulling all the little supplies out of the kit makes me twitch in crafty anticipation...

Despite my tight reins on the old purse strings of late, this week I had to spend money on a new pair of boots.  I had no shoes left other than my one-size-too-small wellies, so I was reduced to wearing them every single day.  I must have been the only person pleased to see the wet weather every morning - you look much less silly in wellies when it's actually raining!


  1. You know I am also trying to make some Christmas decorations myself this year too, to save money and I'm sure it shall be fun, I defiantly think you should get that set, it looks amazing! I love the polls bear and embroidery! Am very tempted! I shall have to adopt your good ways though and ban myself! Maybe we can come up with some lovely but inexpensive alternative decorations? Your post has given me some ideas, thank you, safxxx

    1. You should look for a handmade decoration swap online. I did one (via Swapbot) a few years ago and have a good selection of unusual and unique handmade decorations on my tree as a result. I also like thinking about my decorations on other people's trees. I think I might look for a swap too, in fact, or perhaps I should try and organise one on here. Oooh, now YOU'VE given ME an idea! Watch this space :)


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