Wednesday, October 16, 2013

city chicks

Graham snapped this picture of Dulcie and I walking in Partick at the weekend.  Apart from my grumpy face, I really like it, it's a good wee snapshot.  I sometimes forget how little Dulcie is until I see her from an outside perspective like this.  I feel a bit bad now that I had been telling her off and imaptiently yanking her along the pavement a few minutes before this was taken.  Still, it's easy to forget how much hard work Dulcie can be when she's not actually here to remind me.  It's not always easy to be patient when you've been deprived of sleep, but I must try harder.  What a wee toot :)


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    1. Thanks! I wasn't 100% keen on them at first and really just bought them out of necessity, but they've grown on me and I'm loving them now too :)


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