Thursday, June 5, 2014

as close as I'll get to organisation right now

Last night I was looking for some sort of device to save my gocco print images to so that I could take them to the local print shop today.  (My own printer is not working too usual.  Ugh.)  Anyway, I found a dongly thing lying around and was surprised to discover it was full of pictures of Dulcie as a teeny-tiny thing.  The pictures were from my mum and dad's camera so were kind of new to me.  Judging by the relative lack of tubes, Dulcie was probably a couple of weeks old in these first few photos.
I can't believe this tiny tot is now halfway to five!  Amazing!  And yet I still haven't found my feet or got my crap together.  Shucks.  The "nursery" is still not ready for Dulcie to move into, not to mention the fact that the rest of our home is verging on the uninhabitable too.  And no photos have been backed up or printed.  I'd be gutted if I lost all our Dulcie pictures somehow, but until the day arrives where I get off my backside and actually hard drive their asses (that's as macho as I can making saving photos sound...) I'm always slightly soothed by the fact that I've shared regular photos here on my blog, a back-up of sorts.  And it's in that spirit that I share these today.  As the title of this blog post states, this is as close as I'll get to organisation right now.
Dulcie loves hearing about her time as a baby at the moment and lately has been looking at some of the little mementos we have from that time.  Her wee pal made the mistake of asking her if she had come out of my tummy and was regaled with the whole story - "A lady cut Mum with a knife and she GRABBED me out and I went in an ambulance to the hospital and I had a tube in my nose to breathe and drink milk..."  Wee pal's response to all this was, "I want to go in a fire engine!" but I think her mum was slightly horrified at how much detail I'd shared with my two-year-old...  Thank goodness Dulcie didn't go on to tell the story of the time she pooped and it flew halfway across the hospital ward, which she insists I tell her EVERY DAY.  Too much information?  Indeed!
These two pictures must be from when Dulcie was just a few days old, before I got to meet her.  It looks like she's still on the ventilator at this point.  The blue light (and blindfold) were for jaundice, it's not just my dad's poor photography skills coming into play!
Dulcie had her 30-month check-up last week and was a wee star, chatting to the health visitor in complete and complicated sentences throughout and suddenly knowing all her colours etc.  She really has come a long way since she left the blue incubator.  These days she loves to help in the kitchen, smothers my face in kisses daily, tells me she loves me and laughs like a total loony on a fairly regular basis.  I think (touch wood) that the only lasting effect from these early days are the poor wee scars on her hands and feet from all the blood tests.  Oh, yes, and the good stories she's got to share with her friends! I can't wait to show Dulcie these pictures later :)

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