Friday, June 20, 2014

haircut one hundred

 Today I gave Dulcie her first ever haircut.  It's taken so long for her to have any hair worth mentioning (let alone worth cutting) and she'd been so proud lately that it was "long", but it was really getting into wispy mullet territory and looked wilder by the day.  Her hair is a hilarious fluffball every morning and frequently knotted and straggly-looking looking throughout the day, partly because she wraps it around her fingers incessantly and partly just because her original baby hair at the ends was so straggly by nature.
 Check out my pro-hairdresser stance here!

Our local hairdresser was quoting £25 for a toddler trim (what?!) and the other hairdresser, who was quoting £10, would only cut under-tens' hair Monday to Thursday, no exceptions, so I decided to do it myself.  I was a bit nervous, even though it was just a trim of the ends at the back.  I love the wildness of Dulcie's hair in some ways and I didn't want to de-Dulcie her.  Dulcie also approached this project with some trepidation.  "Leave it long!  Leave it long!  No, I do it!"  As you can see, she was most co-operative in the end, but did frighten me with a few sudden head movements.  No ears were lost.  Phew.
 All done, her home-made cut and blow dry turned out super cute.  She still looks like the fuzzy headed Dulcie we know and love, just a bit less straggly at the back and slightly more grown up.
I think she'll be getting home-made hairdos for years to come.  Perhaps next time she'll have enough hair to merit the pudding bowl :)


  1. I am impressed - Dulcie looks super cute! :)

    I gave my offspring their summer haircut this morning, but without your flair for hairdressing... The only way I get them to sit still is to cut their hair outside, and tell them that little birds will come and take the hair away for nest material...

    1. Thank you :) She's having an especially good hair day today, actually. I can't take much credit really though - her cute fringe has still never met scissors. She's just a natural beauty - ha!


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