Friday, June 27, 2014

scarlett fever

Today Dulcie went to meet Baby Scarlett for the first time.  I secretly already met Scarlett last week, but don't tell Dulcie that if you see her!  Dulcie had been so looking forward to this meeting all week.  Last night she sat bolt upright, just when I thought she'd dozed off, to exclaim, "Where is Baby Scarlett's present?!"  My dad gave us a lift over to Scarlett's house and all the way there Dulcie was saying, "Where is Baby Scarlett's house?  Where is Baby Scarlett's house?  Where is Baby Scarlett's house?" She was so delighted when Scarlett's mum said she could have a cuddle.  She'd been practising gentle cuddles and kisses on me for days for just such an opportunity.  Bless her cotton socks.  Hopefully this scene is the start of a beautiful lifelong friendship :)

[In a bid to stick to my vow to be less revealing/depressing, I have deleted a couple of hideous sentences from this post, but I can't resist telling you that they were there.  This could have been worse, people.  Jeez...]


  1. I'm here if you need to get out some of the depressing/revealing thoughts. 'Chin up chick' as we say in Lancashire :)

    1. Thanks, Lynsey. You're a good 'un, taking one for the team and all that! ;)


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