Saturday, June 14, 2014

she knows me so well...

Check out this terrible photo great-looking book!  My sister sent it to me earlier this week.  Oh, it is right up my street and I can't wait to read it.  I've dipped my toe into one or two pages already and my hopes are high.  Tales Grotesque And Curious?!  Yes please and oh mama!

I need to finish The Luminaries first, but I'm already over halfway thanks to my rest-and-recuperation plans.  Man oh man, The Luminaries is so good!  Or so good so far, I should more accurately say.  I'm totally hooked by all the twisting intrigue and shady characters.  If, like I was, you're feeling put off or intimidated by its size and apparent/alleged complexity, don't be.  It is big and clever, but it's also very easy to read and to get into.  You'll be romping through it before you know it.  Can it really stay this good right to the end?  Oh, I do hope so.

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