Tuesday, June 10, 2014

who's the mummy?!

It's been a rubbish day today - my heart making life hard and that making me miserable.  My neighbour found me blubbing in the street, stranded 50 metres from home, unable to go any further.  All very embarrassing and just as I thought I'd done well to hold it together in front of strangers in the supermarket... 

I wish Dulcie wasn't able to pick up on these vibes, but she definitely can.  To be fair, my vibes are probably less than subtle, as my neighbour could now attest!  At least Dulcie responds by showering me with affection and trying to make life easier for me.  What a star.

When I feel really ill, I feel like the world's crappest mother, but then Dulcie's reactions make me feel like I must have been the world's greatest mother (yes, you heard me!) at other times/in other ways.  She is so very loving and wants to care for me and make me happy and I'm sure that's a reflection of my attitude towards her.  Of course, she's too little to get mothering her mother right all the time.  Here she is feeding me limes.  Dang, I love that girl :)


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    1. Not really but feeling slightly better for having taken the day off work today. I spent most of it in bed with my book, so perhaps won't still be reading The Luminaries come Christmas after all! :)


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