Friday, June 13, 2014

craft from the past

 My friend Lorna came to visit us this afternoon.  With her she brought restorative home-made scones and this rosette.  Apparently I made it for her in 2004.  She had recently moved to London and I made a rosette for each of us to wear while sat on our respective sofas north and south of the border so that we could watch the Big Brother final "together".  I had no recollection of doing this (or indeed of Big Brother's Jay) but I can see I fashioned the rosette from a deflated helium balloon (a romantic gift from my new boyfriend of that time, Graham) and a fairy-cake case, as well as a poorly printed photograph and a trusty glitter pen.
Lorna has mentioned a few times how much mail I used to send her and she wasn't alone.  I used to send daft things and handwritten notes to all sorts of folks, including people I saw on a regular basis.  I'm sorry to have lost this tendency.  I probably do still send more mail than the average person, but I think I have lost the knack of being a postal ray of sunshine like I used to be.  Even my new pen friends, actively recruited, have been sorely neglected.  (Sorry, Hilde and Marina!)

I'm taking some time off work at the moment to rest and recuperate.  Perhaps I'll use this opportunity to send a bit more snail mail.  Watch your letterboxes, people of the world, though I can't promise to include such high-quality items as this rosette!

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