Tuesday, June 10, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 5)

15th February 1988
I had a bath tonight.  I was making my tiger.  I watched telivision. I write a letter to Jim ll fix it.

[The tiger was a soft toy I made, one of many, from a kit that is still available now, completely unchanged by the looks of things!  I wrote a few letters to Jim in my time, so I'm not sure what I would have been asking for on this occasion.]

 16th February 1988 e e
8 Shrove Tuesday
Today is shrove Tuesday.  So yummy yummy in my tummy.  Pan cakes.
Whisk the pancake
stir the pancake
fry it in a pan
fry the pancake
toss the pancake
catch it if you can

making tiger

17th February 1988 Las
Today when everybody did their project I had to write my third made up story about the nurse because I'm the only one thats finished it. I was out on my bike with Kerry.

18th February 1988
Today I had to do the cureved bit on my sewing while everybody else did thier project.  I'm the first finished it.  Toby and Ruth came.  I got my animal lovers badge.

[Obviously being the first finished the project was a big deal to me!]

19th February 1988
Today is Friday.  There was no ballet today.  In the morning the whole class watched Start The Day.  Ealinor found the book that was on it today.  When everybody was working I had to read a book.

[I have no recollection of Start The Day.  Any ideas?]

20th February 1988
Today we got a teak table and four chairs aswell in Rothemay.  There was a handsome man on the milk lorry.  I did my homework.  The words I used were Jane lane and plane.

[A handsome man on the milk lorry?!  This was an eventful week indeed!]

21st February 1988
Today I was going to go to a thinking day service.  But the car wouldn't start and dad and Kerry had the jeep.  I got ready for bed at six o'clock tonight.  I was doing some french knitting.  Scraped back on wall.

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