Tuesday, June 24, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 7)

29th February 1988
Today I went swimming swimming.  We got a lady called Joyce or maybe she spells it like this Joice.  She gave us a little test.  We had to swim one breadth without stopping.  We got a certifacate.  Only Julia Garry and I went.

1st March 1988 [and some faces drawn here - see picture above]
Today when I did my writing I had to write William walks to school then the poem that is going to be on the cairn.  The Ythen welly boots had to go home early.

[I'm guessing the Ythen Welly Boots were the children who travelled from the neighbouring village, not even a village, of Ythenwells, though I had no recollection of ever calling them this.]

2nd March 1988 [more faces drawn here - see picture above]
Tonight I write two ballets and I am going to write one more.  [Prolific or what?!]  I went over to Julias house to play.  Toby was there too.  Mummy made new curtains with the sewing machine.

3rd March 1988
Now then today I made a game and played it with mum.  She was sulking because I won the game.  I finished The Firebird.

4th March 1988
Today there was no dancing.  I discovered that Gary L, Gary W, William R, Robert Hunter, Garry N, Gordon B, Jhon W and Toby R all love me.  I won a game of jump the blob.

[Wow!  I was so popular, no?  My school was tiny and that's nearly 50% of all the boys!  Perhaps it was my Jump The Blob skills that attracted them all...?]

abcmafexyz to from 5 t e 5th March 1988
Today it was snowing so naturally I went out to play.  Mr Scott brought up some skis.  Mrs Scott let me let me have a go.  I was very good at it.  I watched a very good film.

e e e 8 6th March 1988
Right now I cant think what to right.  I know I'll give you a name.  Donna Diary.  I was doing my writers badge for Brownies on Thursday.  I was baking.

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