Tuesday, June 17, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 6)

Me in my Brownie uniform, 1988.  No shame...

22nd February 1988
Today I wore my brownie uniform to school for thinking day.  At gym I was so good at doing cartwheels that I had to walk and do it withot stopping.

[To the best of my knowledge, I have never managed to do a cartwheel in my life...ever!  Have I misremembered or was I just bigging myself up in my own private diary?)

23rd February 1988
Today after I had done my writing Mrs Smith said you can do joint writing in all your books now.  Mum said I was very good at doing joint writing.  I had to take Kerry to chanter.

42A 24th February 1988
Today is Wednesday.  I had to write about the nurses watch.  By the way did you know the numbers are on it upsidedown.  I made a marvellous medicine.

25th February 1988
Eventually it is today.  I was working with Miss Corregall.  Comapring Surfaces was the thing.  Mum is baby sitting Lynsay tonight.

26th February 1988
I am at Finlay's house for the night.  I saw Lynsay having a bath.  Mum and dad are at a policemans ball.

25th July 1988
[I guess I must have been filling in spaces when I ran out of pages?!]
Granny phoned to see if mum and dad could have a meal.  So we had to go to Finlay and Flora.

27th February 1988
Today is mums birthday and Martins too.  I got a little dog from Flora who looks like this.

Of course it is a toy.  [What?! The drawing looked so realistic!] I've read a lot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Factory.

28th February 1988
Today is Sunday.  I was making a mat.  It was tapestry matiriel and I was sewing a patern on it.  Kerry made penut peenut peanut butter bon bons.  Kerry said they were bum bums.


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    1. Yes, such sophisticated humour... That said, it did still make me laugh 26 years after the fact!


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