Tuesday, July 1, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 8)

7th March 1988
Today at swiming swimming I swam my first length.  Next week we are going to go on the shute.  Lynn and Garry have to stay in the shallow end because Garry can't swim and Lynn didn't manage a length.

8th March 1988 Lyndsey has a dirty bum.
At school I had a sore throat.  I watched Knowhow on childrens BBC. [A picture of two bees and a sea.]  I took Kerry to chanter tonight.

9th March 1988
This week its my turn to do the date.  [Everyone took it in turns to write the date on the blackboard at school, a week at a time.] It has been since Monday.  Don't tell Mum you might have guessed. [???]  A postman came in to see us today.  I was out on my bike today as well. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

10th March 1988
AAACHOO!  I've got the sneezes.  You know what Donna it's a pity you don't have something magical about you.  I was at brownies.  It was the gui guides last day.

11th March 1988
At school I was making the mothers day present I told you about.  [Perhaps this was the secret above?]  It is a bunch of flowers in a doily witha  ribbon tied round it.  I made a card as well with flowers on it.

12th March 1988
Today is Saturrrrday as Rigadon would say.  Kerry and I are going to might start a club.  I was outside all day long.  Well nearly all day.  Kerry tiddled her pants.  [Har har har!]  I couldn't tie my button because my hands were numb.

13th March 1988 ttto from
Y Yesterday I made a vote for Opotunity knock knocks.  Bob Monkhouse Monkhouses voice was recorded on a tape to speak on the phone.  Mothers day you know.  I was at Sunday school.

[I don't know who I voted for, but I certainly remember doing plenty of impressions of this muscle dancer around that time!  This week was pretty classic, non?]

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