Wednesday, July 30, 2014

look what I got

Yesterday Dulcie and I accompanied my mum and dad and their measuring tape to their soon-to-be new house.  It was the first time I'd seen it in real life.  Ooh, it is lovely.  Old and quirky and cosy and comfy and with a beautiful garden.  I can't wait to see them settled in.  Before heading back to Glasgow, we took a detour to the nearby town of Kilmarnock to have a bite to eat and visit some charity shops.  Kilmarnock is not a very nice town (though the sculptures on the main shopping street are great!) and, as is often the case with not-very-nice towns, is chock-a-block with charity shops.  We only scratched the surface this week, but once my parents move, we thought we might drop Dulcie off with my dad one day so Graham, my mum and I could spend a full day charity shopping.  Wowsers!  What a thought!

These jigsaws were my favourite find of the day.  Dulcie loves jigsaws but is starting to find many of her existing ones a bit easy.  These beauties are the next level for her, I think, except the rabbit one, which is too hard as yet (it took my mum and I a full 15 minutes to make, I think!) and I'll be more than happy to look at these over the coming months and years.  They must have been someone's collection at some time and I got them for less than £1 each.  Dulcie also got a hideous pink electric guitar for £2, but it is less photogenic.  I couldn't leave it behind once I saw her rocking out with it in front of the changing-room mirror, but I suspect we'll redonate it at some point in the future :)


  1. TRUMPTON!!!! indeed :)
    It was that one that caught my eye at first then I spotted the others. Dulcie is LOVING these, especially the crazy animal pirate one. Such a good find :)


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