Sunday, July 13, 2014

housing small objects

The Oxfam bookshop near us always has nice displays.  This little house shelf is part of their current Scottish window display and caught my eye because it's very like something I'm planning to make for Dulcie's room.  I bought a huge bag full of these shelves in the Salvation Army shop about five years ago.  They're just untreated wood and were three for £1 or something.  I had plans to do them up and sell them in my Etsy shop, but never got round to it, so I've decided to use them in Dulcie's room instead.  I'm going to spray paint them white, put some vintage wallpaper inside the doocots and hang them on Dulcie's bedroom wall in a little neighbourhood.  She's already got some wee trinkets to store in them (including some of my old trinkets) but there should be plenty of space for her collection to grow over the years.  I'm pretty excited about this little project, despite this proof that my idea is far from original!

The curtains I made for Dulcie's room are awesome.  They're not perfect and they took me approximately half a lifetime to make and they don't keep the light out as much as I'd hoped, but they have made such a big impact on the room and are so bright and fun and nicely finished.  I'll share some pictures soon.


  1. We have an old printers tray that I bought from a friend that houses lots of little goodies that I and the girls have collected. I 'borrow' some of the girls treasures to put in there but they don't seem to mind. I must take a photo of it one day :)

    1. Oh, I do love a nice printer's tray! I have found the perfect spot for the little house shelves in Dulcie's room, just above the doll's house. I hope I get the chance to paint, paper and fill them soon. I can hardly wait to see them in situ :)


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