Thursday, July 10, 2014

a happy surprise

Quite by accident, I have discovered Sarah Waters has a new book coming out in August.  Yippee!  I feel like I've been waiting for ever for this.  Now I can't decide whether to jump in and pre-order the hardback or wait impatiently for the paperback.  I treated myself to a brand-new hardback copy of The Little Stranger when it first came out and it really did feel like a treat (most of my books are dog-eared copies from the charity shop, so to smell the ink and hear the little crack of a hardback spine... oh!) but then a paperback is so much lighter and more transportable...  Then again, it's almost 600 pages long, which makes it neither light nor transportable in any printed format.  Hardback it is!  I repeat, yippee!
If you've never read any Sarah Waters, I'd recommend Fingersmith (read it! read it! read it!) and The Night Watch.  Those two and The Little Stranger I thought were pretty amazing, but the others are enjoyable too, so you can't really go too far wrong with her.  I hope this new one lives up to my ridiculously high expectations.


  1. Oooooooooh!! I love Sarah Waters and I've just re-read Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith is on my to-read pile! I'll be getting this one too :) Have a look in Tesco or Asda if you have one near you as they are often much cheaper than even Amazon* :) *other booksellers are available

    1. But it's so hard to resist late-night clicking on the oh-so-convenient Amazon...! Enjoy Fingersmith, there is absolutely no way you won't. SO GOOD


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