Thursday, July 31, 2014

haiku #1

My heart is broken.
Not in a romantic way,
It just doesn't work.

Now that I've managed to blog every day in July (phew! and go, me!) I'm on the lookout for a new bloggy challenge.  It's been good to have something to keep me going this month.  I'm thinking of making August haiku month.  What do you think?  Three haiku a week in August?  Or maybe two is enough.  I'm not promising anything here, just thinking aloud.  Either way, here's a very simple haiku about my heart, written ("written") in the car on the way back from Kilmarnock the other day.  I'm considering making all my haiku about heart-related things, but am worried I wouldn't be able to avoid becoming maudlin.  We'll see.

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