Saturday, July 12, 2014

cancel the games

This monstrous ensemble represents Team Scotland's parade uniform for the Commonwealth Games.  Honestly, when I first saw this, I thought it must have been a joke.  So wrong on so many levels, not least the ladies' little handbags.  Ugh.  It looks like it's been thrown together by the losing competitor on week one of the Great British Sewing Bee, someone who panicked when they entered the fabric store and then had to construct everything in the last five minutes using safety pins and sellotape.  "And tartan... And drape...  Aaargh!  Done!"  Perhaps I'll find some other country to support.  Ha!

In other news (non-news) I am perilously close to my 1000th blog post!  Wowsers!  I'd like to do something to celebrate, but am rather uninspired.  Any ideas?  I'm happy to raid my handmade-goodies drawers and have a wee giveaway, but I'm not sure I have much that I haven't given away before and haven't all six of my regular readers won something at least once in the past?  Be quick with your suggestions, if you have any, because I'm trying to blog every day in July (had you noticed?!) and my 1000th post is due to fall this Tuesday.  If nobody has any great ideas/interest in a random giveaway, I'll just post my diary as usual and give myself a wee pat on the back instead :)

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