Tuesday, July 29, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 12)

4th April 1988
We went to visit Martin Scott. [The one with the broken leg - see last post.]  It was boiling.  I could have sizzled like a sausage.

5th April 1988
Quite hot but not as hot as yesterday.  I saw a bee three times today.  Tonight I am going to read Son of a gun.

6th April 1988
We saw Junior Mr Fly.  In other words Mr Fly Junior.  This morning Kerry and I were swimming.  We had a barbecue.

7th April 1988
Donna, I've got something to tell you.  I'm going to buy a Gordon the Gopher.  I've got enough money to buy one.  I went to granny's house to earn some money.  We stuck an L plate on her back.  She went to huntly with it on and everyone was laughing at her.  We earned £5 each.  We sang her our cool song.  [This day could have a whole post of its own, my funniest childhood memory, probably.]

mum mum 8th April 1988 mum
Today it was windy then rainy then windy then rainy then snowy.  I got 70p for helping with the sticks.  Kerry and I did a play for mum and dad

9th April 1988
It was Pinknosewinkypoos birthday.  [He was my cuddly toy cow with a name chosen with help from my granny, she of the L plate debacle.]  I don't know what else to write apart from I am wearing plain white ankle socks.  Kerry only has to get 95p until she can buy a Gordon the Gopher.

10th April 1988
Last night dad videod taped Police Academy and I watched it this morning.  We were looking after Linsay and she never cried once.  I got an easter egg, a T shirt and 2 pairs of socks.


  1. Yeah, that L plate debacle is my funniest childhood memory too! You should so do a post on it!

    1. Maybe one day, though I doubt anyone else would find it as funny as we did! I love how my diary entry makes it sound like we got paid FOR putting the L plate on. Poor Green Bum Granny...


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