Friday, July 4, 2014

chalk it up

One of Dulcie's favourite back-garden activities is drawing on the path with chalk.  She likes to lie down and have me draw round her, then she adds details.  You can see from this picture that pants are high priority at the moment (she's only been out of nappies a couple of weeks and is doing so well) so they get a giant scribble.  The sore bit on her ankle (added after this photo was taken) was also heavily exaggerated, bless her.
Fortunately, our neighbours don't seem to mind the shared back garden looking like a colourful crime scene and we're in Glasgow so it's never long before a shower of rain arrives to wash it off.
Dulcie's granny (my mum) was the chalky assistant on this occasion and I was very pleased to get a half-decent photo of them together at long last.  Until now, my mum has been represented on the kitchen fridge photos by a picture of Sally Magnusson (cut out of the Aye Write catalogue) because Sally Magnusson was deemed to look more like my mum than my mum did, oddly.  Now we'll be able to replace Sally's mugshot with this picture.  Dulcie really believes that Sally Magnusson is my mum, I think.  She always used to shout, "There's Granny!" when she saw her face on posters round and about.

I've got these pavement chalks on my wishlist on Amazon.  The colours look amazing.  I may have to invest before summer is out, but perhaps not the giant 48-pack, which seems rather extravagant.  I'm sure 16 shades of chalk are enough for anybody and still a great improvement on the five similar pastel shades we currently have in our repertoire.  Our neighbours won't know what's hit them!


  1. We (and by we I mean me mainly) write and draw pictures for the postman :) We also play hopscotch and I think it's the girls ambition to make a huge hopscotch all the way along the front one day!

    1. I went and ordered 48 Crayola chalks today. Amazon emailed me with a price that was just too good to resist. I can't wait to get out and get creative! Dulcie might be able to understand hopscotch by now, I guess, so maybe we'll try that too :)


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