Saturday, July 26, 2014

little drummer

Graham found this drum machine thingummy in our back lane recently.  One of our neighbours had thrown it out.  He brought it in and we were surprised to discover it actually works.  Graham has often spoken about buying one of these and he's not the only one who loves it.  Dulcie will play with it for ages.  We did give her some beaters, but she prefers to use mismatched kitchen utensils.  We don't know which of our neighbours originally owned this, but we do wonder if they can hear it from their flat and if they are tearing their hair out, going, "Aaaargh!  I thought I'd got rid of that infernal racket!"

Graham is one of those people with an uncanny knack for finding things in bins and skips... i.e. a tramp!  Ha!

PS, I don't know what was going on with Dulcie's fuzzball hairdo on this day.  It has been very humid.

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