Saturday, July 5, 2014

les bicyclettes!

Tour de France, baby, yeah!  (Tour de France, bebe, oui!)

Dulcie and I made this collaborative piece recently to get us all in the mood.  I drew the road and the trees and left Dulcie to do the rest. She did have assistance with her signature, I'll admit!
 These super-sweet bike stickers were only 50p a pack in the Paperchase sale.
I bought a few packs so I could afford to let Dulcie go mad with these, sticking the whole lot on various projects/places in one fell swoop.

I hope she lets Graham and I watch enough cycling to really get into the race this year.  If she does, I'll let you know who I'm supporting (in my own whimmish I-don't-really-understand-cycling sort of way) in due course.  

Vive la France!  Vive la Yorkshire too!

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