Thursday, July 24, 2014


 The Commonwealth Games have officially started here in Glasgow.  Dulcie is so used to having her photo taken with Clyde the stereotypical mascot that she adopts this pose every time she sees him without even being asked.
And this on a day when the unwilling/grumpy model would only allow me to photograph her back!

Other than giant plastic thistles popping up everywhere and various roads being closed, I haven't really seen any great difference in the city so far, but I guess it's early days.  I have been noticing a few extra tourists over the last couple of weeks.  I always like to see tourists on my home turf, it's nice to be reminded, by people taking photos, that things you walk past every day are interesting if you take the time to look.  

We watched some of the opening ceremony on TV last night (we watched a Mad Men instead while the teams were coming into the stadium) and I thought it was really good.  I like the colourful inclusiveness, the toungue-in-cheek moments and the low-budget elements.  We heard the Red Arrows overhead from our vantage point on the sofa, which was fun, and certainly heard the fireworks at the end!  They were so loud and we are miles away!

I just watched the end of the women's triathlon on TV and was very impressed, but I think it's too nice a day to stay on the couch and watch the swimming that's coming on now.  I could wander down and see if I could catch some lawn bowling for real (that's taking place in our neighbourhood) but I think it might be too nice a day for that too (phew! it's so hot this week!) and I have too many jobs to do around the house anyway.

Talking of sporting achievements...  Yeah, this is not really on the Commonwealth scale, but I did have my own miniature sporting victory this week.  Graham and I have agreed that I will go swimming one evening every week and that he will stay at home and try to persuade Dulcie that she doesn't need me to get to sleep.  This was week one.  Dulcie was distraught as I left and, even though I lied and told her I was going to boring old work, she was desperate to come with me.  Graham bravely restrained her while I ran out the door, telling me she'd be fine two minutes after I was gone.  She wasn't.  After 45 minutes solid of hysterical screaming, Graham reluctantly phoned to ask me if I could come back.  Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for him and Dulcie!) I was already in the pool by the time he called, so was blissfully unaware until I checked my phone while getting changed again.  Ha!

We're hoping this was a blip and she'll get used to the idea.  I have managed to have the occasional solo evening out in the past, including one fairly recently, and I think the swimming would be really good for me (body and soul!) if I could keep it up.  Graham, the brave soldier, is willing to keep trying.  What a guy. 

Anyway, other than Dulcie having a flaky, my swim trip was amazing in every way.  I was so tired as I set off and was sorely tempted not to go.  I struggled with the 25 minute walk to the pool, but once I got in the water I was fine.  The pool was freezing, which was just what I needed after a long day in the hot, hot heat of the park.  I told myself anything over 10 lengths would be good, but I ended up managing to do 30.  Go, me!  I was stopping to catch my breath every two lengths or so, but this is still pretty much what I would have managed before all the heart crap if I hadn't been swimming regularly.  My muscles were lovely and achy the next morning (I had slept so well that night!) so I think it was probably a good amount to do.  I can hardly wait for next week's outing to come around.  Now, if I could just stop eating so much crap and staying up so late...   Well, progress is progress.  I feel good about this :)

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