Wednesday, September 25, 2013

allow me to plan your evening's viewing

I should have blogged about this earlier in the week (you only have nine hours left to watch it on iplayer!) but did anyone see The Fabric Of Britain: Knitting's Golden Age on BBC Four last week?  My mum (who does all my knitting for me these days - I just dangle the chosen pattern in front of her!) and I watched it together and both really enjoyed it.  The knitting ranges from the sublime (Fair Isle sweaters and baby jackets from the 1940s) to the ridiculous (Gyles Brandreth's jumper collection and poodle wine bottle covers).  Even if you're not a knitter, it's well worth watching for pure entertainment value, and if you are interested in craft, history or design, I am sure you will enjoy it.  Tonight's episode (it's a mini season) is all about wallpaper, so I'm looking forward to that too.

Also worth watching from BBC Four this week, A Very British Murder With Lucy Worsley.  I love Lucy Worsley so much!  I don't think she's had a bad series yet.  She always manages to find an interesting slant on whatever period of history she's looking at and is such a gorgeously enthusiastic history boffin, it's just impossible not to love her.  I can't think of anyone else who would be willing to dress up and act out historical scenes in the possession of so little acting prowess.  Go, Lucy!  She featured in the What I See When I Look In The Mirror column in The Guardian recently, where she waxed lyrical about her gorgeous eyes and eyelashes before sharing her mantra, gleaned from the comments of a French television producer/director, who told her, "Your terrible posture does not matter - you are an intellectual!"  She's so great!

So, your evening... 8.00pm - Knitting's Golden Age, 9.00pm - The Story Of Wallpaper (live!), 10.00pm - A Very British Murder.  No need to thank me :)

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