Monday, September 16, 2013

the weather girls

This is a picture of Dulcie with her friend Sunniva.  They go to toddler group or toddler cinema together most weeks and I usually go for a coffee with Sunniva's dad afterwards.  We have this photo on our fridge and Dulcie loves to point it out when she's sitting in her high chair.  She can't quite say her own name, let alone Sunniva's, so she refers to them as Dull and Sunny, the weather girls.  How cute?
Dull and Sunny love getting up to all sorts of high jinx together.
Sunniva, being a few months older, is definitely the top dog in this relationship.  
Every week she tries to steal Dulcie's clothes (although she will usually swap an item of her own clothing, to be fair) and she usually succeeds.  We have to prise Dulcie's jacket off her (amid much weeping and wailing) at home time.
Even the shoes are not safe.  These two are so funny together.

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