Saturday, September 14, 2013

someone's woken up in a good mood

 This blog post is coming to you virtually live!  This is the scene this morning.  Heard of the expression, "Mad as a box of frogs?"  I think this could be the visual representation of, "Happy as a box of toys."  Climbing is the big attraction these days, whether it's climbing on things or in things.  Yesterday I turned my back for two seconds only to find Dulcie standing on the kitchen table when I turned back round.  I'm not quite sure how she managed it.
And here she is playing the guitar.  She was getting her doll to strum the guitar while she danced - multitasking or what?!  I see a career as a one-man band on the horizon.  We'll need to get some knee cymbals.

Dulcie is going to be starting nursery soon (after 14 months on the waiting list!) and has been doing a bit of settling in this week.  It really couldn't be going any better.  Yesterday was the first time I left her there (I was sent to have a cup of tea in the next room for 45 minutes) and she was absolutely fine, had a whale of a time, in fact.  The lady who is going to be looking after her is really nice and she made friends with the sweetest wee girl and the nursery has giant cuddly Peppa and George toys, so she was just over the moon with that.  She's been talking about it all ever since.  What a sweetheart.

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