Tuesday, September 3, 2013

my life in fashion

(Photo by Mimi and Will)

You probably never imagined a career in fashion for me, did you?  Well, you were wrong because, looky-look, it's my design on a T-shirt!

These T-shirts are being produced by a brand-new company called Mimi and Will.  Frustrated by the lack of ethically produced, eco-friendly, indie-designed T-shirts available for their own children, Katy and Jo decided to tackle the problem head on and Mimi and Will was born.  They have commissioned or licensed images from twelve independent designers, four of which have already been revealed.  Their first collection has just launched and you can pre-order shirts via Indiegogo here, the idea being that they will produce the designs and sizes needed in time for (worldwide) Christmas delivery.  I love the grey puddles T-shirt by Emma Henderson of Showpony, but then her work is always nothing short of lovely.  Go and check them all out, then make sure you order, oooh, ten of my design ;)

Dulcie has been promised the sample of my T-shirt once it has served its purpose (what a nice perk of working with such a lovely company!) and I am so excited to see her in it.  I have totally failed to sew those outfits for her (the ones I cut out in May...) but at least she will have something of mine to wear this way!


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