Sunday, September 22, 2013

news from nursery

Dulcie is still working hard at nursery, gradually building up her hours and her confidence.  Friday was her longest session yet and she even stayed for lunch.  The whole affair is really going very well.  I'm hardly staying any time at all now, just sneaking out after the first five minutes or so.  Dulcie's making lots of new friends and is always excited when we arrive.  When I appear to pick her up, she is pleased to see me but just wants to show me what she's been doing rather than cling onto me or run away.  In a couple of weeks' time, she should be up to her three full days a week.  She's doing so well and I couldn't be happier with the nursery we chose.

Despite having 14 months on the waiting list to prepare ourselves, I am woefully disorganised and Dulcie still doesn't have most of the things she needs to take with her.  In the absence of an appropriately sized bag (preferably one with Peppa Pig on it if you listen to Dulcie) we have been making use of my old Spider-man school bag in the meantime.  I knew I'd hung onto it all these decades for a reason!  I actually think we might just keep using this one - at least none of the other children will have one quite the same and I think Dulcie really likes it, despite the fact it is nearly as big as her!

Dulcie has to take a packed lunch with her.  So far she's had leftovers from the previous night's dinner, but I'm hoping I'll have a few brainwaves and be able to fill the freezer with things I can pop in her bento-style lunch box in a jiffy - vegetable samosas, savoury muffins, homemade soup...  The nursery can reheat things for her, but it would all have to be otherwise ready.  Does anybody have any great ideas for easy and nutritious packed lunches for a toddler?


  1. She will grow into it :) We tend to use leftovers for packed lunches too. Spanish omlette always goes down a treat with the girls as does tuna pasta :)

    1. She's loving the Spider-man bag now. She ran off to get it when we were getting ready this morning and appeared shouting, "Man! Man!"

      And we got a new and unexpected cookbook in the post today - The River Cottage Baby And Toddler Cookbook (or something like that) - and it has loads of good ideas for the freezer/lunchbox. It was leftovers again today though and no complaints!


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