Tuesday, September 17, 2013

top top

In keeping with my recent interest in small-size fashion, I just wanted to share this lovely top that I bought from This Is Lullaby on Etsy.  It's such a sweet and simple use of vintage fabric.  I noticed some of her other items were made with fabrics I have in my stash (and they looked great!) so I'm feeling quite inspired to try something like this myself.  This would go much better with some jeans and a yellow top underneath, I think, but Dulcie's jeans were in the wash that day and she doesn't own a plain yellow top, something I hope to rectify shortly.  I should apologise to the top's maker for not showing her wares in the best light.  Trust me, it's lovely.
Rocking librarian chic.
The addition of bright pink wellies to the ensemble was entirely Dulcie's doing...
...but everyone knows wellies are essential for drawing.

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