Sunday, September 8, 2013

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When I'm able to forget about the impending non-stop rain, I can get really quite excited about the autumnal turn the weather has taken.  Dulcie's enjoying it too because it means she can wear her new clothes (a present from her Auntie Kerry) on an almost daily basis.  This jacket is especially cute, so very Dulcie and super-duper bright in real life.  Goodness knows I find it hard to resist anything mustard, but the co-ordinating floral lining pushes this jacket beyond my normal mustard-loving limits.  Dulcie loves this jacket, as does her wee pal Sunniva, who tried to swap it for a lowly purple cardigan on Friday and was most upset to have to return it when it was time to go home.
And this snuggly jumper dress is just so... well, snuggly!
Seriosuly adorable.

Autumn also means tights, tights and more tights.  A few weeks ago all Dulcie's tights were too small or too baggy (in a destroyed elastic way) both defects causing her gussets to hover somewhere round her knees. Since then, we've had a clear-out of the drawers and a mini tights shopping spree and are all stocked up for a chilly autumn and winter.  I even drank an amaretto recently and started thinking about...Christmas!  I think it was still August then, so just four months ahead of myself!  Ha!  But in all seriousness, I am thinking of reopening my etsy shop soon and putting in some Christmassy/wintery cards.  Jingle bells, jingle bells...

Gosh, my fashionista status really has gone to my head, hasn't it?  Three out of my last four posts have been about fashion.  I'm all about the clothes for the little people, people!  Don't forget (plug, plug, plug) to visit Mimi and Will to see (or even purchase) my design on a small person's T-shirt!

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