Wednesday, September 25, 2013

he used to give me roses...*

Photo by CasaAbril

I have a love/hate relationship with flowers.  I love the sentiment behind them and they do brighten up my shabby house temporarily, but I'm not very good at throwing them out in time so I usually end up with brown-edged petals falling all over the place and I CAN NEVER FIND A SUITABLE VASE!  This causes me no end of stress and guilt since flowers are not cheap and I hate to feel unappreciative.  I'm sorely tempted to treat myself to this vase by CasaAbril on Etsy but I know I need to be holding onto as many pennies as possible right now and the postage on this item (while absolutely not unreasonable) would push this into the big treat category.  Oh, but it would make me so happy and you could still have it out on display even without flowers so there would be no storage issues...  Hmmm, I smell a self-inflicted sales pitch brewing!  I also love these little pots - ideal for succulents.  I need more ceramics in my life/on my shelves, I think.  Maybe I should reopen my Etsy shop and try to make enough money to treat myself to this.  That would practically be a swap, wouldn't it?  You know I'm going to talk myself round eventually, don't you?  I just hope nobody swoops in and buys this while I dither!

* This title is not a comment on Graham, I just got the Prisoner Cell Block H theme tune stuck in my head while writing this post!

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