Wednesday, September 4, 2013

scatological success

Today has been a momentous and remarkable day, one that will go down in the family history books for all eternity.  Yes, today Dulcie did a poop in her potty!  Wowsers!  Way to go, Dulce!  After being a little freaked out initially (it took us both by surprise, to be honest) she was very proud of herself and enjoyed showing it off for the camera before we flushed it down the toilet.  For you, the general public, I have disguised the offending/proud article with an artistic flower.  Family members discovered the unedited photo in the inboxes earlier today and were naturally quite delighted with it, don't you know.  Dulcie has already received phone calls and emails of congratulations.

Since this does appear to be something of a baby blog (shudder) these days, I guess I should share our attitude to potty training.  Well, like all other aspects of parenting, we are winging it and taking a slapdash approach.  Basically, Dulcie got a potty in a present (grandparents, huh?) and found it quite interesting.  Around the same time, she also started taking an interest in other people's toilet habits and started telling us when she needed her nappy changed and also disappearing to do her business in private.  She likes accompanying me everywhere I go anyway, but I've been making a point of taking her to the bathroom with me over the last couple of months.  I do wonder if the neighbours can hear our conversations from the back garden!  We've had a couple of potty-related books from the library (this one got her really keen to use her potty and this one has kind of sustained her interest since then) and have let her sit on the potty now and again.  Quite often she actually sits on the potty mid nappy change when we know nothing is going to happen, but as I said, it's really been a slapdash and half-hearted approach, just letting her get familiar with the potty and what it's for in her own time.

To be totally honest, I think today's success was made possible by a slight touch of constipation.  Maybe I can take the credit for that (yesterday was a kind of eat-on-the-run day with probably not as much fruit and veg as usual) but not in a positive way!  And I should also add that, since her potty success, we have had a puddle on the floor and another poop in the nappy, so it's not as if she's a bona fide/nappy-free potty user all of a sudden.  But still, I think this is great progress and another fine example of make-it-up-as-you-go-along parenting success.  Hooray!

Apologies for blogging about poops.  I guess I really am one of THOSE mothers.  I have an even more tragic blog topic lined up, actually.  I've been thinking about it for the best part of a year, but the situation is getting close to crisis point now.  Watch this space...or, you know, don't!


  1. Scatological posts are always good in my book :) We seem to parent in a similar way - try something and see if it works and if not then wing it!

    1. Glad someone appreciates it! We need to think of an official-sounding name for our parenting approach so people think we know what we're doing. Hmm, I'm drawing a blank here... Any ideas?

  2. Way to go Dulcie and well done on the t-shirts Laura.


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