Saturday, September 7, 2013

have you seen those muffins, man?

Check out these soft-focus muffins!  I think I inadvertently put my phone down on a greasy spot before I took this, or it could just be because the muffins are so amazing that they dazzle the camera.  I'm off work this morning, taking a few hours' annual leave to look after Dulcie while Graham goes to work.  Despite being out until all hours last night (I'm talking after 10pm, people!) drinking cocktails in a swanky hotel, I have gone all domestic today and whipped up these muffins.  I feel like a very well-rounded individual!  Yes, girls, we can do it all!  Ha, I jest, of course, but seeing as this is the first time (other than making Dulcie's birthday cake) that I've baked at all since she was born, so I'm thinking hitting the old cocktails more often might be the way to go!
 Dulcie helped me in the kitchen.  It all started so well.  She managed to put a muffin case in each of the holes in the cake tin.  Pretty impressive, no?
 I turned my back for a few seconds and...  Not so impressive.  Still, we redid the job and got the muffins, spicy apple and raisin, in the oven in a jiffy.  We even managed to do all the dishes while they baked.  Uncharacteristically organised for us!
Dulcie was on hand to help again when it came to tasting the muffins and did very well at this job.  It's safe to say that she liked them.  I know this because she even ate the paper wrapper once the muffin itself was finished.  Oh dear.

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