Tuesday, September 24, 2013

my kind of business meeting

On Sunday we headed down to the Children's Wood where all sorts was happening.  As well as cakes, music and handmade goodies, Katy and Jo from Mimi & Will had a stall, drumming up business for all their fab T-shirts.  It was the first time I'd seen my T-shirt in the flesh and I was so chuffed with how it looked.  All the designs looked great actually, but my wee number was definitely holding its own among all the REAL talent!

Katy had very kindly saved me a cupcake with my design on it.  I was going to photograph it before letting Dulcie eat it as a post-nursery snack, but...
...we got in on Monday afternoon to find this scene!  This is just the sort of thing that always happens when we leave the cats unattended for more than a moment.  The effing blighters had even eaten the transfer with my design on it!  So no photos for the blog and no cake for Dulcie :(
 I'm not sure Lola was the culprit, despite being caught fleeing the scene.  Poppy, the prime suspect, was suspiciously contented in bed all afternoon.  Hmmm...

Edited to add:  Mimi & Will have a special early-bird offer running at the moment, so you can get any one T-shirt for the special reduced price of £15.  You'll need to be quick, though, as there are only a handful left!  You don't even need to decide which design you want just yet, so if you're torn between two (or three!) you can order now, bag a bargain and make your decision later.

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