Sunday, September 15, 2013

the unwilling model

Unable to get a half-decent photo of Dulcie in her new romper suit, I had to resort to a video instead.  She seems to like it.  It's a bit big for her, but I think this is a good thing.  Hopefully it will still be fitting her come spring/summer when the weather is a bit more romper suit appropriate.  I'm so chuffed that I actually made something, although I probably got more pleasure from looking at it on the hanger...  I have a fairly sizable piece of bee material left, so I'm thinking I might make her the top from the same pattern.  It's just like the romper suit but shorter and with no legs and possibly no pockets, so it should be even easier.  I had forgotten the thrill of the sewing machine and now want to use it every day.  Sadly, tomorrow is Monday again and it's back to full-time solo toddler wrangling, i.e. no sewing, no resting, no nothing but toddler wrangling.  Boo.  Thank goodness my toddler is such good company.  We can chat about being grumpy and happy all day long!


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    1. Thank you :) My friend was suggesting smocking the back of it as it's very wide for its length, possibly my fault for not using a big enough seam allowance. I think I might look into this, although it's fine as it is, just that old fashioned baby meets clown style! Ha!


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