Saturday, September 21, 2013

we went and played in the milky night

Graham and I went out to see Laetitia Sadier (formerly of Stereolab) this week.  She was performing on her own, singing and strumming an electric guitar, with no other music to back her up, and actually she was not very good on the guitar, but still I thought it was great.  I had forgotten how much I love her voice.  She was also surprisingly charming in her between-song chats.  I was amazed that someone could stand with greasy hair in a slightly dingy basement, talk in a language that is not their first, and have everyone smiling, laughing and agreeing with everything they said.  Well, I guess a French accent and dimples will get a girl a long way in this world!

The night we saw Laetitia (see, her rapport was so good that I'm on first name terms with her!) was a night I should have been working if I wasn't signed off sick.  I counteracted my guilt by reminding myself that a night out with Graham was good rest for my mental health.  This was true, but I think the physicality of going out was really not such a good plan after all and I struggled with the nursery run etc. the following day.  I am trying hard to rest and having my mum here this week certainly makes it easier, but I am so scared and stressed that I'm just not really sleeping at all, so I'm getting more and more tired, finding things harder and harder, getting more and more scared, sleeping less and less...  A horrible downward spiral, or maybe "a vicious circle" would be a more positive way of putting it - ha!  But Dulcie is great.  Dulcie is great, Dulcie is great, Dulcie is great.

Well, I have finished my cup of tea so I think I might head back to bed for a while and continue my journey into nocturnalism, or perhaps I will read my book for a bit.  I have a good book on the go at least - The Journal Of Dora Damage, which I would never have picked on the basis of its cover.  Thanks for the recommendation, Lynsey!


  1. Glad you are enjoying it so far :) The cover is what drew me to it in the charity shop! Feel better soon xx

    1. Oh, I am enjoying it, but we haven't even hit the sex industry stuff yet! Bookbinding is obviously exciting enough for me... :) I got a good haul of books from the charity shop yesterday, will let you know if any of them turn out to be worth reading x


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